'90210' Recap: 'The Enchanted Donkey'

Bienvenidos a Mexico, Crushers! Nothing says spring break like hot new hookups and a little underage drinking in a foreign country, right? (Of course, my spring breaks in high school never involved private jets, unchaperoned hotel stays and a Rent-A-Mariachi-Band, but the beauty of "90210" lies in its reality.) The students of West Bev may have been ready to escape their problems with too many margaritas and chimichangas, but conveniently enough, they followed them south of the border.

Vacation was well deserved for these hard-working students. Naomi, for one, was doubling up on her after-school activities, thanks to her new secret boyfriend Max. Don't let the glasses fool you, ladies. This band geek was no charity case for the Queen Bee (and has been quite the hit among naughty flautists). After some highly enjoyable lessons in rocket science, Naomi toted Max along like another one of her carry-ons, under the guise that said nerd would be tutoring her during the trip. Is the fact that Max is into "Avatar" instead of Armani such a big deal? This is Hollywood, isn't it? Regardless, the two did their best to keep up the act (Max's zinc oxide on his nose really did the trick) before sneaking off for one-on-one time. Along with a strong chemical connection, Max's true display of genuine affection led Naomi to realize she may really like him. Let's just start the campaign now: Max and Naomi for Prom King and Queen 2011.

Poor Annie. Her inner Kansas dork was out in full effect with 7:30 a.m. wake-up calls and embarrassing tourist T-shirts. She may not have had the same agenda as everyone else, but at least she was being herself? Yet the universe may have been trying to tell her something about her over-scheduling ways when a photo opp gone wrong left her bedridden with a sore abdomen and wounded pride. Despite his lack of enthusiasm while on tours of historical Cabo San Lucas, Liam does know a thing or two about charming the ladies. "I might not be a guy who loves churros and swimming with dolphins, but I'm a guy who loves a girl who loves churros and swimming with dolphins," he said, as their own mariachi band and dinner for two filed in behind him. "So one day we can look back and remember being young and in love in Mexico." Yep, I'd take a monkey bite for that.

Teddy was looking to have a little fun for a change, given the dramatic turns of his last relationships (Silver, Ian). But his pickup lines needed work, so cut to the hotel in Cabo, where Teddy is visited by a ghost from his closeted past: hot Princeton stud Tripp, his former roommate at Exeter and the first guy he ever had feelings for. The two reminisced about old times, before Teddy revealed he was gay, and—oh surprise!—so did Tripp. A steamy make-out session ensued, and the boys presumably shared that hot, no strings attached fling Teddy was looking for. But when Teddy was hoping to engage in a little PDA by the pool the next morning, Tripp suddenly became a lot less attractive when he revealed he had a boyfriend (and an open relationship). Maybe Teddy is ready for commitment after all. Oh, Marco...

While Spring Break may be all about foam parties and swimming with dolphins (if you're Annie), perfecting your shot-gunning technique (if you're Dixon) or looking for a harmless fun (if you're Teddy), for Adrianna and Silver, it was a chance to immaturely address their mutual contempt for one another. If you recall a certain Navid-centric love triangle that led a fuming Adrianna to send a naked photo of Silver to the whole school, you'll understand that the ladies weren't exactly thrilled to be bunking up in adjoining rooms in Cabo. But despite her skimpy bathing suits and one-hit wonder appeal, Adrianna just couldn't compete with Silver when it came to Navid. I mean the girl was reading a book on Frida Kahlo while on vacation—she's so artsy!—and didn't mention reality shows or publicists once. Sorry, Aid, but these two are meant to be.

Which is why I didn't see the need for Silver to prance around in her (um, not ugly...cute!) bathing suit and flaunt her relationship for toda la vida to see. Yes, those looks from creeps at school post photogate were totally gross, but rubbing her new boyfriend—who just so happens to be her former BFF's ex-boyfriend—in a certain someone's face was low. The girls exchanged childish pranks before things culminated in an ill-timed swim, and (finally) an apology from Navid. Why did he get off relatively scot-free in all of this? Back in West Bev, Adrianna decided that even if Silver was falling in love with Navid (awkward), she wanted to make things work. But this is the girl who's been on pathological lying streak ever since Javier's death, so actually sneaking off to switch out Silver's bipolar medicine was not entirely unexpected. Hope Navid's ready for The Real Silver!

Did Adrianna go too far by messing with Silver's meds? Will Teddy and Marco go on their first date? Do Naomi and Max really have a future together? Did this episode need more Dixon? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!