Robert Pattinson Talks Final Moments On The 'Twilight' Set

The final film in the "Twilight Saga" won't be released until 2012, but as of today, star Robert Pattinson can hang up his vampire mantle: After three years as the brooding Edward Cullen, he's finally wrapped filming on "Breaking Dawn." So when we caught up with Rob at the premiere of his period drama "Water for Elephants," we had to ask: What happened on the "Twilight" set after the last scene was shot? Did he weep? Cheer? Bid a soulful, oratory farewell to the project that launched his career?

The answer: none of the above.

"It was a mad rush to get here!" Rob said with a laugh. "I was leaving at, like, one o'clock in the morning."

Yes, it's true: Fans might have expected a prolonged and poignant goodbye, but according to our favorite vampire boyfriend, the departure was pure chaos. "They're like, 'C'mon, we need one more shot!' and you've got three people pulling you from either side," he said. And with a film premiere to get to, the atmosphere wasn't so much wistful or nostalgic as "very exciting."

And there you have it. Disappointing? Well, maybe a little. But then again, if we'd spent the last three years of our lives wearing copious amounts of body glitter and sucking the innards out of squirrels, we'd be ready to move on too.

How will you bid adieu to the "Twilight Saga"?

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