Sneak Peek Tomorrow's 'When I Was 17' With 'Pretty Little Liars'' Shay Mitchell And 'Glee''s Ashley Fink

Rebels, rebels everywhere! In addition to starring on two of Hollywood Crush's fave shows ("Pretty Little Liars" and "Glee"), actresses Shay Mitchell and Ashley Fink have something else in common: being teenage hellions. Okay, not quite. But in the upcoming episode of "When I Was 17" (premiering Saturday at 11 a.m. ET on MTV), both girls recount times when they got in deep doo-doo.

"When I was 17, I would say I was a pretty good girl. But there happened to be this one night when a group of friends decided to go out to a club," Shay began. (Wonder where this is going...) "Of course, we weren't of age, and we snuck out, and I think each of us told our parents we were staying at the other person's house. We ended up making it downtown, got into one of the clubs with all of our fake IDs. We were dancing and having the best time ever. All of a sudden, I'm dancing with some really cute guy, and I feel a tap on my shoulder." (Uh-oh...) "I turn around and this person says, 'Can I have this dance?' Well, that person happened to be my dad."


You'll have to watch the full episode tomorrow to find out what happened next. (Since we've seen Shay out and about recently, it's pretty safe to say she's probably still not grounded.) In the meantime, click play on the clip below to hear about Ashley's brush with the authorities.

Will you be tuning in tomorrow for "When I Was 17"?