Ryan Phillippe Shares Workout Tips With Matthew McConaughey

by Christina Garibaldi

Ryan Phillippe and Matthew McConaughey have a lot in common. They’re both super hot, fathers of two and have signature washboard abs. Yet, finding time to squeeze in a workout with such busy schedules isn’t an easy task. But on the set of "The Lincoln Lawyer," these two co-stars not only shared father tips, they shared some workout time as well.

"[Matthew]'s way more disciplined than I am, but it’s apart of his lifestyle and that’s similar with me," Ryan told us while at Gatorade's G-Series FIT Launch Event recently.

"We didn’t really compare training methods, there was no competition," Ryan said. "But some days he was trying this new thing, CrossFit, trying to sell me on it, he had an exercise bike outside his trailer that we would both use some days, it was really cute."

Not going to lie, we would have liked to have seen that!

Yet, Ryan isn’t just working out for himself, he also has two young kids to think about.

“I feel working out makes me a better dad. I’m more relaxed and in a better mood,” he said. "I’m getting old, so it’s key to massaging the aging process."

Well, Ryan, for 36, we have to say that you still look pretty good to us!

Would you want to work out with Ryan and Matthew?