Emma Watson Turns 21 Today, But Is That Cooler Than Becoming An Adult Wizard?

Emma WatsonA very happy birthday goes out to our favorite fashionista, Emma Watson, who turns 21 today!

As you all well know, turning 21 is a pretty big deal in American culture (though to be fair, Emma has been able to do all of this stuff in the UK since she was 18), but we thought it would be a bit more fair to compare Emma coming of age as a muggle to coming of age as a wizard. If you know anything about our "Harry Potter" bias (or at least mine), you can probably guess which direction this one is heading.

After the jump, we weigh the pros of turning 21 in the States against turning 17 in the wizarding community to determine which one is the coolest!

You Can Use Magic Freely versus You Can Drink Legally

In this instance, we're going to have to go with the magic usage over drinking legally. Obviously for American youths turning 21 is a pretty big deal solely for this reason, but in the wizarding world, young wizards have been able to get tipsy off butterbeer since they first got to go to Hogsmeade in year three! Wizarding world, you win this time.

You Graduate Hogwarts versus You Have To Get A New License

Again, coming of age in the wizarding community has a bit of an edge over turning 21 as a muggle. On your big day (at least in Massachusetts), the state requires that you head over to your local DMV and update your license. If not, it's technically expired and you can't get drinks! We'd much rather graduate Hogwarts instead.

The Ministry Of Magic Stops Tracking You versus You Can Go Clubbing (And To Concerts)

Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner: Becoming an adult in the wizard community is way cooler than turning 21! Sorry Emma, turning 21 is great, and not having any restrictions when it comes to going to clubs and concerts must be pretty cool, but not having the government keep tabs on you anymore? There's nothing more freeing than that!

Join us in wishing a very happy birthday to Emma Watson in the comments section below and on Twitter!