'Gossip Girl' Newbie Exposed! KayLee DeFer Reveals Character Name And Other Gossipy Goodness

As most of you die-hard "Gossip Girl" fans well know, there is a new girl headed to the Upper East Side very soon. With the long wait for new episodes finally almost over (the show comes out of repeats next Monday, April 18), MTV News was lucky enough to snag a sit-down with actress Kaylee DeFer recently to get the scoop on her character. Naturally, she couldn't reveal everything, but we did get the goods on a few things, like plenty of Van der Woodsen drama and a season finale tease. First, thing's first, however. Who the heck is Kaylee playing?

"What I can reveal about my character, my little stint on 'Gossip Girl'... well, my name is Charlie Rhodes, and I am a Van der Woodsen," Kaylee revealed. "My mother hates that family and has basically told me my whole life that they are the worst human beings on the face of the earth," she explained, adding that naturally her mother's unadulterated hatred sparks Charlie's curiosity that much more.

"So I want to meet them of course," she said. "And Serena kind of takes me under her wing."

Kaylee went on to tease that Charlie will definitely be stirring things up on the show, and that "all the ladies on the Upper East Side need to watch out."

When asked if that might mean that Charlie will be doing her fair share of smooching all of the show's eligible and ineligible men (as is expected of all new cast members), she was cagey with her response, and hinted that her character takes a special interest in Serena, above everyone else.

Muy interesante, no?

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