Whitney Port, Paris Hilton Crazy For Coachella In Today's Tweet Dreams

Preparation for the Coachella music festival (the lineup for which includes the likes of Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire and Kanye West) was all over Twitter today. The festival doesn't start until tomorrow, but everyone from Paris Hilton to Kaitlin Olson was getting ready to go. Whitney Port (pictured) mused about manicure options for the event, tweeting, "Thoughts on our Coachella manicures?? http://bit.ly/hZ7Yys I feel like mine are a bit boring... " But not everyone was so sure about the event. DJ Samantha Ronson took the "anti-Coachella" stance. "Headed to shanghai today for a quick holiday. Anyone else think I might be taking this anti-coachella thing a bit too far?," she said on the site. "Greek" star Gregory Michael was more on the fence, tweeting (quite Shakespearean-ly), "To coachella or not to coachella... That is the question."

The upcoming dance flick "Go For It!"'s promotion to bring the premiere to one lucky high school also had some stars talking. "Dancing With the Stars'" Derek Hough blasted about the contest with an enthusiastic, "Let's DANCE! Win Premiere of #GoForIt! Movie for YOUR High School! http://jol.ly/0fDI #Ad." "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"' Kendall Jenner was more concerned with winning than promoting though. "WHAT? I'm soo winning this! Win Premiere of #GoForIt! Movie for YOUR High School! http://jol.ly/0zDI #Ad," she tweeted.

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@IAMJHUD So guys I just finished watching my dwts performance on YouTube n i don't know what happened to my dance moves .

-Jennifer Hudson, Singer, Actress ("Dreamgirls")

@blakeshelton I woke up still so drunk I heated up a bowl of shampoo and put 79 cents in my dog...

-Blake Shelton, Musician

@DevonESawa Thanks to Groupon I own 3 bags of "Crisp Paws Vegan Cat Chow" for the price of 2. It only cost 46.50!! ........... I don't even own a cat!!

-Devon Sawa, Actor ("Final Destination")

@MyLifeAsLiz Ok so there's "being real" & there's "being a huge dick", people seem to get the 2 mixed up alarmingly frequently.

-Liz Lee, Actress ("My Life as Liz")

@EmilyOsment Girls night included running thru the streets singing Outkast & The Mamas and The Papas. Because those two bands clearly go hand in hand.

-Emily Osment, Singer, Actress ("Hannah Montana")

@AshBenzo I tried a @shaymitch breakfast almost threw up she tried mine n thought she would throw up. But she liked it. WIN

-Ashley Benson, Actress ("Pretty Little Liars")

@danecook Asked manager of London hotel for corner suite he says "of course sir." I had no idea hotel managers could knight people. That's an upgrade.

-Dane Cook, Comedian, Actor ("Good Luck Chuck")

@EllenPage any self respecting person despises themselves #emothursday

-Ellen Page, Actress ("Juno")

@JennyMcCarthy Wish Alf was real. I would totally date him.

-Jenny McCarthy, Actress ("Scary Movie 3")

@JimGaffigan That Royal Wedding proves the British are right. Americans are more superficial.

-Jim Gaffigan, Comedian, Actor ("Going the Distance")