Would Taylor Lautner Play Jacob Black In Another Stephenie Meyer Story?

Just as the Mayan prophecy foretold, 2012 will indeed bring about the end of the world...the "Twilight Saga" world, that is. The final film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's beloved series will hit theaters sometime that year, and with that, there will be no more Bella, Edward and Jacob on the big screen. Ever. Or will there?

Stephenie recently hinted in a USA Today interview that she may check in with lovebirds Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen sometime in the future. So, as you'd expect, when we sat down with the werewolf himself during "MTV First: Taylor Lautner" we had to ask the 19-year-old if he'd be willing to reprise the role that made his abs the most drooled over body part in the world.

"Really?" Taylor replied with obvious confusion, when told Stephenie had teased a potential follow-up. "Breaking news to me here, live, on MTV, Josh Horowitz! What's going on?" he asked with a laugh. (We love it when we catch celebs off guard!)

But, seriously, Taylor, answer our question! What do you think? "I mean, I don't know," he responded. "That would be interesting. Stephenie comes up with the craziest things. I'm sure she could go on. That's a crazy thought."

That it is. But we'll bet the next decade's worth of paychecks that fans would turn out in droves to see another sequel—even if you are the ripe "old" age of, say, 28, by the time it hits theaters.

Would you see a Jacob/Renesmee-centric follow-up? How would you like to see their story develop?