Meet The New Scream Queens Of 'Scream 4': Who Will Survive?

With "Scream 4" premiering tomorrow, slashionistas everywhere are lining up for tickets, donning Ghostface masks and taking bets on which of the film's many cast members will still be breathing when the credits roll. With a three-film precedent and a giant cast of pretty little things, a high "Scream 4" body count is practically guaranteed—and if the past three movies are any indication, only a handful of the new Scream Queens will make it to the end of the movie without being stabbed, shot, beheaded or murdered by robot bees. (What? They've gotta find something to top that infamous scene where Rose McGowan tries to escape out a cat door.)

So before you head to the theater for fright night, check out our gallery of all the film's actresses as they arrive at Monday's red-carpet premiere... and check out a few of our predictions about which of these gals will survive to star in the inevitable sequel.

The actress: Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts, Sidney Prescott's cousin

Our vote: Dead by Act III

Anyone who's seen the previous three films knows that sharing blood (or worse, a bed) with Sidney Prescott is pretty much an ironclad guarantee that you'll end up as killer chow shortly before the credits roll—not to mention that a quick mix-around of the letters in Emma's name comes out to "Stab me more". STAB ME MORE! Sorry, girlfriend; you're toast.

The actress: Anna Paquin as Rachel

Our vote: Instant death

When it comes to slasher film roles, not having a last name is the first sign of imminent death —and logic tells us that Anna's commitment to "True Blood" would keep her from attaching herself to such a long-running, multi-sequel-promising franchise as the "Scream" films. So naturally, we assume she took this role because she was sick of playing the impossible-to-kill Sookie Stackhouse and just wanted to spend an afternoon getting her intestines pulled out.

The actress: Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed

Our vote: Stayin' alive!

As we all know, blondes die off in droves in horror movies because...well, they're stoopid. But after Hayden's long-running performance on "Heroes," it's safe to assume that there's something in all her contracts dictating that her character cannot be killed. Ever. No matter how much you want it happen.

The actress: Alison Brie as Rebecca Walters, Sidney's publicist

Our vote: Deady dead dead

As a character close to Sidney, it's a fair bet that Alison Brie's character will be killed during this movie. As a publicist, it's a fair bet that said death will take the form of being torn into tiny pieces and fed to someone's pet bear. But not before she offers to score the Ghostface killer a lucrative endorsement deal as a spokesman for Gatorade. ("Murder: is it IN you?!")

The actress: Jamie Lee Curtis

Our vote: Winner and still champeen

We know what you're thinking: "Jamie Lee Curtis isn't even in this movie!" And to you we say, WHO CARES. Jamie Lee is the reigning Queen Mother in the Scream Queen hierarchy, forever and ever, the end. Girlfriend will NEVER die.

Click on the image above to see all of the new Scream Queens of "Scream 4"!

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