'MTV First: Taylor Lautner' Sneak Peek: Actor Says He Has 'Mixed Emotions' About 'Twilight' Ending

It looks like we won't be the only ones left sobbing (uncontrollably, in a corner, clutching our life-sized Robert Pattinson cutout) when there are no more "Twilight" movies to see. While they probably won't seek comfort in creepy collateral, Taylor Lautner is sure the hearts of the "Breaking Dawn" cast aren't as cold as most of their on-screen counterparts'. Taylor predicted that when the final installment of the "Twilight Saga" wraps, there will be more tears on set than his co-stars would like to admit—all during this sneak peek from tonight's "MTV First: Taylor Lautner."

"Nobody will admit it right now, but I guarantee you there will be tears," he said.

The end is near and Taylor, who has been living something of a double life as werewolf hottie Jacob Black since 2008, said that could be a good thing...or not. Some of his castmates (like the notoriously paparazzi-shy Rob and Kristen Stewart) haven't held back about the relief that will come with a little more anonymity post-"Twilight," but Taylor admitted some mixed feelings.

"I think it’s mixed emotions, for sure," he said of the end of "Twilight." "You know, half of me says, 'You know, this will be a relief, you know I get some time off and spend time with my family and friends and do other things.' But the other half says, 'This is going to be so weird.'"

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