'True Blood' Stars Kristin Bauer And Joe Manganiello Say We'll See 'Less' Of Pam?

How I love "True Blood," let me count the ways... 1. Pam 2. Alcide 3. Eric. 4. The vampire King of Louisiana, Russell Edington, for his amazingly endearing wickedness. And although the season four premiere is still too far off for my liking, thankfully, I have a few things to tide me over...like chance encounters with cast members Joe Manganiello and Kristin Bauer at Logo's New Now Next Awards.

In addition to Joe's most excellent revelation regarding the amount of naked Alcide we'll be getting soon, I managed to get a few details from Kristin about what kind of crazy outfits we'll see Pam sporting, as well as where her storyline is headed.

"[My costumes] are so ridiculously amazing that it's wrong," Kristin said. "It's so good. [Costume designer] Audrey Fisher is so unbelievable."

"Yeah you get some cool stuff this season," Joe added.

"I get the coolest stuff," Kristin agreed. "My mind is going through picturing it..."

"[It's] kinda bad ass," Joe continued.

"Totally. It's so remarkable," she said.

When asked what new sides we might see of Pam next season, however, Kristin and Joe became a little more cagey with their answers.

"Ha, ha. I'm censoring [myself]," Joe said.

"Because he knows, right?" Kristin added. "He knows, so..."

"You're going to see a lot of new sides," Joe decided. "You're going to see less of Pam in a way."

"A more raw version of Pam," Kristin agreed. "She's edgy man, she is edgy this year. Last year she was a little sentimental," she explained. "Her challenges made her sentimental and vulnerable. This year her challenges make her go the opposite direction."

I don't know about the rest of you, but I like the sound of this! An edgy, badass Pam AND a lot of naked Alcide? Plus the very strong possibility that Alan Ball is going to follow Charlaine Harris' best storyline ever (SPOILER ALERT: Eric's memory loss, the shower scene, etc.)?? I am IN.

What say you, "True Blood" fans? Yay or nay? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!