Sick Miley Cyrus Receives Get-Well Wishes In Today's Tweet Dreams

It looks like maybe Miley Cyrus can be tamed after all. The actress and singer was under the weather today, tweeting, "In bed sick today :( please pray for me." Some celeb BFFs, including fashionista Kelly Osbourne and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton sent their tweet support. Kelly even offered to bring Miley some comfort food, tweeting, "@MileyCyrus do you want me to come bring you soup?"

Most of young Hollywood was up and about today, however, including the cast of the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie "Lemonade Mouth." Star Hayley Kiyoko tweeted her excitement about the movie's premiere, saying, "LA premiere today!!! Super excited to walk the yellow carpet with the cast :)" Fellow Disney star, "Good Luck Charlie"'s Bradley Steven Perry, shared his love for the movie's just-released soundtrack, tweeting, "Just bought the lemonade Mouth album! Its really good @bmendler707700 you guys should totally buy it!!!"

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@RiversCuomo Thanks, autocorrect, for changing my "PG Tips" to "PJ Tips" and making me look like a complete dweeb.

-Rivers Cuomo, Musician, Weezer

@AshBenzo Haha nanc and I r trying out a new Hanna hairstyle :p Biggg Texas hair y'all haaaa FAIL

-Ashley Benson, Actress ("Pretty Little Liars")

@GregoryMichael I'm not falling for the 4 y/o's "eat some spaghetti" trick again. It's always PlayDoh. But this fried egg looks Yummy. Oh, damn.

-Gregory Michael, Actor ("Greek")

@Brettdier What!? It's 10 dollars for a doctors note. Since when!? If the doctor was Leonardo dicaprio I'd get it but... 10 dollars? No.

-Brett Dier, Actor ("Diary of a Wimpy Kid")

@elizadushku "Any gay boy would go straight for you..." Super sweet sentiment, but #ilovemygayboystoomuch to ask them to.

-Eliza Dushku, Actress ("Dollhouse")

@natashabdnfield I'm playing the 'would you rather' game right now with some leckra swedes

-Natasha Bedingfield, Singer

@ConanOBrien Yesterday we had a bald eagle on the show. Oddly enough, he was in the country illegally.

-Conan O'Brien, Host ("Conan")

@hollymadison I have been abducted by a tow-headed Gremlin!

-Holly Madison, Reality Star ("The Girls Next Door," "Holly's World")

@shanedawson The kardashians are sitting next to me. I'm having an orgasm. They look great in person! #GetItGurl

-Shane Dawson, YouTube Star

@JillianRoseReed Trying robeks for the first time. Am i cheating on jamba??

-Jillian Rose Reed, Actress ("Weeds")