Evan Rachel Wood On Justin Bieber: 'I'm Not In Love With Him, I Want To Be Him'

We won't pretend to make sense of it. We'll just put it out into the world and let you guys try and understand how Evan Rachel Wood, who was once engaged to Marilyn "I Wanna Use You And Abuse You" Manson, is a diehard Justin Bieber fan.

"I'm not ashamed to say it, I saw 'Never Say Never,' and I totally have Bieber Fever," the 23-year-old actress told MTV News while promoting "The Conspirator." "It doesn't make any sense to me. I was the last person on earth who would ever be a Bieber fan. But I'm telling you, he got me."

So what's the appeal of a kid who hauls lonely girls up onto the stage during concerts, rather than, like Manson, being accused of humping a security guard at one of his? "Those bangs! Come on!" she laughed.

But it's not just Bieber's famous locks, which, after all, he recently chopped off. ERW is also enamored of the "fact that he's the most confident human being I've ever seen," she said. "It doesn't matter what he's doing, he just believes it 100 percent. And I had no idea he was so musically gifted and could play all these instruments and is kind of incredible in that way."

OK, so now that we've established Evan Rachel is deep in the throes of a Bieber-induced fever dream, let's draw a line somewhere. "I'm not in love with him, I want to be him," she explained. "I want to be that 16-year-old boy dancing on stage."

Does Evan Rachel Wood's admiration for Justin Bieber surprise you? Or is the Biebs just that powerful? Sound off in the comments!