'Scream 4' Star Aimee Teegarden Was Introduced To The Series By Her Grandmother!

"Friday Night Lights" fans know Aimee Teegarden as complicated teen Julie Taylor on the cult football drama, but in the coming weeks, movie audiences will see the 21-year-old in two very different roles.

Aimee plays a prom-obsessed high-schooler dreaming of one perfect night in the Disney teen flick "Prom," while she'll simply be dreaming of one more tomorrow as she and the rest of Woodsboro are tormented by the Ghostface killer in "Scream 4."

We hopped on the phone with Aimee recently to talk all things "Scream," including the surprising family member who introduced her to Wes Craven's chilling franchise. Check out our interview after the jump!

Hollywood Crush: Let's start with an easy question: Are you the Ghostface killer?

Aimee Teegarden: Am I the killer? I can't answer that!

HC: All right then... Tell us about your character Jenny Randall. What can you dish without getting into trouble?

Aimee: There's not a whole lot to be completely honest. She goes to school with all the other cast members, like Hayden [Panettiere] and Emma [Roberts] and Britt Robertson. And that's about all I can tell ya.

HC: What was the audition process like? Did they actually make you scream?

Aimee: There was definitely a bit of screaming. They wouldn't release the sides [part of the script used for auditioning], so I actually had to go in Labor Day weekend to the casting director's office. And there were 12 pages of sides sitting there for me. And I had to learn them. It was a roller-coaster audition of being happy and sad and screaming and all that kind of stuff.

HC: Did they make you run too?

Aimee: There wasn't any running but there was definitely some screaming to try out. It was fun.

HC: Were you a fan of the original "Scream" movies? You weren't super-old when they came out.

Aimee: I actually watched them with my grandma growing up. She always introduced me to movies that were sort of before my time. My grandma and I would sit in bed and order pizza and watch scary movies. She introduced me to "Scream" back in the day. She loved horror films.

HC: Since you've been watching horror films since such a young age, are you desensitized to them? Or do they still scare you?

Aimee: I wouldn't say I'm desensitized to them. I definitely like more "Scream"-like horror movies as opposed to human-mutilation movies.

Your next movie, "Prom," couldn't be more different. How was the transition from a happy Disney movie to a blood-drenched slasher flick?

Aimee: It's exciting as an actor to put on different hats and try out different roles. Everything is a new experience.

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