'MTV First: Taylor Lautner' Countdown: Reminisce Over Jacob Black's Wig

We're just one day away from our exclusive interview with Taylor Lautner—not to mention a sneak peak at "Abduction," his new thriller. But let's not forget the Taylor we first fell in love with—a young werewolf-to-be from Forks, Washington, with a wig that, on anyone else's head, would have made us chuckle, but on Taylor, actually kind of made us swoon. Robert Pattinson may have the most talked-about hair on the "Twilight" set, but there were a lot of rules surrounding Jacob's old 'do. Who knew so much thought went into the guys' hair?

When we asked Taylor—who has never had long hair himself—about donning the wig back in 2008,

he let us in on some of "Twilight"'s style secrets.

"The wig is very interesting," he shared. "I’m definitely going to have to get used to it."

Right, if by "interesting" you mean "itchy." Taylor revealed the irritating thing about portraying Jacob, admitting, "It gets kind of itchy at times so I’m sure I’ll be putting it in a ponytail or something while I’m just waiting around."

So if the wig was so itchy and the cure was a simple ponytail, why didn't Taylor tie the faux mane back when filming? Answer: Bad boy vampire James (Cam Gigandet) already wore a ponytail and, well, there just wasn't room in Forks for two dudes sporting that look, apparently. With James hoarding the ponytail look and Edward owning the messy-but-sexy bedhead, that left Jacob stranded in the land of the (gulp) middle part.

"I think they want it parted down the middle, so I’ll like flip one side back and one side in front," he said of the style. "They don’t want to do a ponytail because James, the evil vampire, is doing a ponytail so they want that contrast right there."

For Taylor, worse than the itch and oh-so-90s style (it gets worse?) was facing his new look in the mirror—he barely looked recognized himself!

"It’s very weird looking at myself in the mirror with the long hair because my hair has never been longer than what it is right now," he said of a style similar to that of post-transformation Jacob. "So I’ll have to get used to it, but I’m sure I will."

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What do you think of Taylor's "Twilight" wig?