'Lemonade Mouth' Cast Talk Soundtrack

This Friday, fans will get to see what happens when Disney puts their spin on Mark Peter Hughes' novel, "Lemonade Mouth," when the film premieres. The story follows a group of teens who start a band to deal with their high school angst.

Before the film hits your living room, the cast hopes you pick up the soundtrack (out now!) so that you can know all the words while watching the made-for-TV movie. "You have to check out the soundtrack it comes out tomorrow," Hayley Kiyoko told MTV News on Monday. "So you can get the soundtrack beforehand, learn the lyrics and then you can sing along, if you want [and] if you’ve got those vocal cords going for you."

Hayley's co-star Bridgit Mendler explained that the tunes are radio-friendly, so if you're not a big fan of (high school) musicals, then this might be the soundtrack for you. "I think it's awesome cause I think it's music that can really translate," she said. "It's something you can hear on the radio. It's good stuff."

The 10 tracks on the album, Hayley added, show a different side of each of the actors' singing voices. Yes, all five of the members of Lemonade Mouth really laid down their own vocals on the tracks. "It's cool because everyone kind of gets to shine on his track," she said.

The group's resident MC Adam Hicks continued, "We hit every category, every feeling, so we have that feel-good music and we have that more reserved, quieter melodies."

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