Lauren Conrad Insists She's 'Never Been The Sexy Girl'

Lauren Conrad might be gracing the cover of Allure's spring "Nude" issue, but don't expect to see her baring all inside the magazine. Instead, Lauren keeps her clothes firmly in place while opening up about self-image, body issues and a leftover point of confusion from her days as a reality TV star.

First things first: If you're wondering why Lauren didn't opt in for the nude shoot (where stars-in-the-buff include Ashley Tisdale, Kaley Cuoco, Keri Hilson and Bridget Moynahan), look no further than her own assessment of her, um, assets:

"I’m not a sexy person," she said. "I’m okay with it. I’ve never been the sexy girl. Whenever I’ve had a boyfriend, he’s always been like, 'Oh, you’re cute.'"

Hmm. Have they seen these photos?

Sadly, a life in the public eye hasn't exactly helped LC's confidence levels, either. Remembering some recent coverage from the launch of her new fashion project, Lauren said, "It wasn’t 'Lauren Debuts Her Line'; it was 'Lauren Debuts a Fuller Figure,' and I was like, 'Oh, no!' because I’d put on a few pounds."

Fortunately the girl's got a foolproof method for looking her best...and it has nothing to do with diet and exercise.

"If I’m shopping and I see paparazzi, my bag goes directly to my thighs," she quipped.

Anyway, enough about the thighs; Lauren has more important things to worry about, like a new book deal, a new fashion line and ongoing status as a style icon. And while her place in the spotlight is pretty much a foregone conclusion from here on out, it's always delightful to see how sanguine LC can be about her reality-television roots—dating back to the very beginning, when her only title was "Reality Show Talent."

She joked, "They called me that, and I’m like, 'What’s my Talent?'"

What do you think about Lauren's Allure shoot?