Ashley Monroe And More Stars Share Their Workout Plans In Today's Tweet Dreams

The weather is warmer and that means one thing is for certain: Beach season is upon us. For many, it's time to start hitting the gym hard again, and celebs are no exception—several of them heralded the warmer climate with workout plans of their own today on Twitter. Ashley Monroe (pictured) tweeted her plans to intensify her routine with tons of cardio (oof, we're getting tired just thinking about it), saying, "That's it. When I get home.. I'm starting my 5 days a week cardio.. INTENSE!! Pictures of these gals us weekly have officially motivated me." "America's Next Top Model" winner Adrianne Curry found a way to slim her waist while bulking her bank account, thanks to, of all things, her World of Warcraft love (which just goes to show geeking out can really pay). She tweeted of the deal, "After hearing I used it while playing warcraft, the Flex belt has hired me on as their spokesmodel! Ads coming soon :P warcraft pays off!" Other celebs are taking a more relaxed approach to their gym schedules, like "Hellcats"' Jeremy Wong, who tweeted, "Finally home! It's sunny and I feel great. Lunch time and then hit the gym!"

If you're more interested in play than work, some of our favorite bands took to Twitter to announce upcoming free shows. Seeing the likes of the Plain White T's and Boys Like Girls for free? Yes, please. Martin Johnson promoted a gratis Boys Like Girls show tonight in Nashville. Music lovers who live farther north can try to make it to the Plain White T's free show in May. The band tweeted the details, saying, "Join us as we play a free show for the fans at the Journeys Backyard BBQ in Minneapolis, MN on May 28th from..."

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@AshleyLeggat Can't tell you the amount of times I've practiced "how you doing" in the mirror.. - I want to be Wendy Williams.

-Ashley Leggat, Actress ("Life With Derek")

@OfficialKat Blocking time out of your day to re-organize your underwear drawer = ADULTHOOD

-Kat Dennings, Actress ("Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist")

@danecook @MileyCyrus it's good 2 have ya back babe. When u left u wrote a rap song & I think it's time 4 part 2 (+ some cheesy dance moves).

-Dane Cook, Comedian, Actor ("Good Luck Chuck")

@markhoppus The weather in NYC is so nice, I might grab my bikini and lay out in Times Square.

-Mark Hoppus, Musician, Blink-182

@SethMacFarlane Wonder if billionaires watch "Arthur" and go, "No, this isn’t what money is really like, this is fake."

-Seth MacFarlane, Actor ("Family Guy")

@joeldavidmoore I realize time travel would be nothing like Back To The Future and that's why I don't really care much for it anymore.

-Joel David Moore, Actor ("Bones," "Avatar")

@tinselkorey What is up with the world right now??? I bet you it's Mercury, that planet always be messin' up my shizzznick! LOL

-Tinsel Korey, Actress ("Eclipse")

@iamMarkRonson apparently, these 300 tweenage girls are not screaming for me...#CheckingIntoTheSameHotelAsJustinBieber

-Mark Ronson, Musician

@EmilyOsment ish sho cold in Canada land. sendz heat plz.

-Emily Osment, Actress ("Hannah Montana")

@jimmykimmel Keeping a Blockbuster card in your wallet is like carrying $100 in Confederate bills.

-Jimmy Kimmel, Host ("Jimmy Kimmel Live")