'Twilight' Vamp Carlisle Cullen Among Richest Fictional Characters According To Forbes

Lovestruck teenage "Twilight" fans will always moon over the tormented, sensitive, so-romantic-it's-almost creepy Edward Cullen, but today, Forbes magazine confirms what forward-thinking and financially savvy girls have known for years: It's Carlisle, head of the Cullen household, who's the real catch (too bad he's married). With a fortune valued around $36 billion, Carlisle Cullen joins Chuck Bass, Scrooge McDuck and Bruce Wayne in this year's Forbes Fictional 15, a list of the richest fictional characters ever to grace the literary or cinematic worlds.

We're admittedly a little peeved to see just one wealthy lady in the roundup—isn't it about time someone created an ultra-rich, female vigilante whose name isn't Lara Croft?—but it's nice to see some familiar faces on the list. Chuck, the billionaire playboy of "Gossip Girl," scores 13th place—a showing which the self-involved and greedy boy would no doubt want to improve upon. (Let's hope he wins control of Bass Industries before next year's roundup.) But it's Carlisle, whose fortune ranks him at No. 2, who's easily the most crushworthy character aboard.

Carlisle's real-life alter ego, actor Peter Facinelli, offered a pretty sound explanation for why he was beat out by a water fowl, tweeting, "I would've been #1 but I had to throw a very expensive wedding this year. Damn it Scrooge, I'm just a doctor."

Just a doctor? Count self-made billionaire and cautious investor among your accomplishments, and that's one pretty package, Mr. Facinelli-Cullen.

Who's your favorite character on Forbes' list? Any women you think should have made an appearance?