'MTV First: Taylor Lautner' Countdown: 'Twilight' Star Recalls His Most Recent Crazy Fan Encounter

With only two more days until our exclusive interview withTaylor Lautner and a sneak peek at his new thriller "Abduction," we're exactly halfway through our countdown of five fabulous videos featuring the "Twilight" star! And if you're hoping that Taylor will take your question when he sits down for a Q&A featuring submissions from fans, take note: Today's video is an important lesson in just how far you might have to go to get this wolfish hottie's attention...

...and how far is, um, too far.

Check it: With the "Twilight" fervor reaching stratospheric levels, MTV News asked Taylor whether he'd witnessed any extreme behavior on the part of adoring fans. And Taylor didn't hesitate:

"The latest would probably have to be this girl we met in Australia," he said. "We were at a big fan event, there were thousands of fans...and they don't have something to sign, so they stick out their hand, or their arm, for you to sign."

But wait, that's not the weird part.

"I'm going down the line signing arms. There's an arm, there's another arm, and I get to an arm that has a gigantic wolf pack tattoo. On her arm. And she goes, can you sign right below it? [Points] Right here?"

But wait, that's still not the weird part!

"And I'm like, please don't tell me she's going to tattoo this [on here]," Taylor remembered. But sure enough, the next day, the phone call came in: "Did you sign someone's arm? Because it's tattooed [on] her now."

And that, you guys, is the weird part. And while some might take this as an example of truly epic fandom, it's important to note that Taylor isn't quite sure how he feels about having his John Hancock permanently inscribed on a stranger's epidermis.

"I didn't know whether to feel bad, or whether that's cool, or..." he said, before finally concluding that the whole experience was certainly "different."

Which is to say, we probably won't be asking Taylor to sign any body parts while he's in our studios.

And also, we really need to find a top that covers up this enormous "Team Jacob Forever" tattoo on our decolletage.

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Okay, Taylor fans: Could you out-crazy the mad tattooist from Australia?