'MTV First: Taylor Lautner' Countdown: It's All About The Abs!

We're still counting down the days until the trailer premiere for "Abduction"—also known as the day that Taylor Lautner will sit down for an exclusive interview, participate in a Q&A session featuring fan submissions and present our first look at his action thriller. And in honor of his impending arrival, we've been having inappropriate dreams about hot shirtless werewolves every single night counting down our top five favorite Taylor MTV moments from years gone by. And here it is: Favorite Moment No. 4!

In this video, MTV News caught up with Taylor on the red carpet at the "New Moon" premiere, where we had a chance to chat with him about some of the most important, pivotal scenes in this installment of the "Twilight" saga. And by "pivotal" we mean "shirtless."

"I think they might start crying," Taylor replied, when asked how fans might react to the sight of his topless bod on-screen. Why? Because (get this) he was afraid that they'd think he looked "bad." (Um, what? Does this kid not own a mirror?)

But really, we love Taylor's humility—particularly when he claimed that co-star Robert Pattinson was just as hot and muscly as him. [Ed note: No. Just...no.]

"I don't know, Rob, he's getting some muscle. Some good competition," Taylor admitted. "He definitely doesn't need any pointers at all."

Personally, and despite a few Team Edward die-hards on staff, we still think there's kinda no question as to which leading man has the better bod. But if Taylor thinks there's some doubt, he's welcome to use his upcoming visit to stage a Who Looks Better Shirtless contest! Flexing, posing, and freestyle dancing in leather pants will be required.

Tune in to MTV and MTV.com on April 13 at 7:56 p.m. ET for "MTV First: Taylor Lautner"!

How does Taylor's moment of self-doubt measure up in your canon of favorite memories?