Stars Declare iLove My iPad In Today's Tweet Dreams

The iPad got a lot of love today on Twitter—and for a range of reasons. Stars praised everything from the gadget's Tweeting capabilities to its impact on children with Autism (who knew one of our favorite tech toys could have such an impact?). "Glee" star Max Adler (pictured) raved about his new iPad 2, while Holly Peete urged followers to retweet her blast about the device's "gift of voice," saying, "check out the impact iPads are having on verbally challenged children w/ #autism INCREDIBLE: #givethegiftofvoice pls RT."

Several stars also spoke out about their Boston love, tweeting support for the Red Sox. Eliza Dushku sent several updates about her favorite team, while other fans showed snarkier support, like "SNL"'s Seth Meyers, who tweeted, "Sox Lead! Sox Lead! #LoweredExpectations"

Check out the rest of Friday's best tweets from the stars, including which star gets "all excited" about...hotel keys? Follow us @hollywoodcrush to get even more celebrity and pop culture news around the clock!

@solangeknowles I want a Mcdonaldz sausage biscuit so the bread gets stuck on the roof of my mouth. But I don't eat Mc Meals. That's not trill.

-Solange Knowles, Singer

@hollymadison Finally! Being recognized 4 my true talents! ;)RT @dottiehollywood: @hollymadison's boobies are SOO BIG! i knew they big but not that big!

-Holly Madison, Reality Star ("The Girls Next Door," "Holly's World")

@JillianRoseReed My car dealer insisted on blasting britney spears when i went on a test drive. #awesome

-Jillian Rose Reed, Actress ("Weeds")

@jennettemccurdy #youknowyoutravelalotwhen you get all excited because the hotel you're staying at has a cool design on the room key...

-Jennette McCurdy, Actress ("iCarly")

@michaelianblack The argument against bed-making because "we're just going mess it up again later" is irrefutable.

-Michael Ian Black, Actor ("Reaper")

@ThisIsRobThomas got my massage. she kicked my ass. in a good way.

-Rob Thomas, Musician

@tonyhawk I don't know how #FF started, but it's Friday so.. if you want me to follow you, just ask.

-Tony Hawk, Professional Skateboarder

@rainnwilson Today's American Idol Recap: A bunch of idiots voted off some idiot who sang worse than a bunch of other idiots.

-Rainn Wilson, Actor ("The Office")

@Ashley_Fink Not gonna lie.. Sorta intimidated by ikea right now.. Just. Woah. How many different kind of shelves do they make?!

-Ashley Fink, Actress ("Glee")

@asherroth "Your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade should arrive on the 13th" - best email I've received in a long time

-Asher Roth, Rapper

@SaraBareilles Well, I'm crying watching Oprah. Nothing new here. Milwaukee: ARE YOU READY??

-Sara Bareilles, Musician