'Camelot' Star Jamie Campbell Bower Answers Your Twitter Questions!

It's Friday and that means Jamie Campbell Bower and his bum will be back on your TVs for the newest episode of the Starz King Arthur drama, "Camelot." Before you tune in for the latest medieval dramz, get to know Jamie a bit better.

When he stopped by the MTV offices last week, he answered some of your Twitter questions. And he held nothing back.

Question (via @danger_skies): Is it true that he's part unicorn?

Answer: It is true. I have the horn. I just have to wear tight trousers to keep it down. [EDIT NOTE: Um, saucy much, Jamie!?!]

Question (via @SchniekeMona): Please ask @jamiebower whether he have really a "Bob Dylan" Tattoo on his butt

Answer: It is. That is 120 percent correct. It was my first tattoo. I was in North London with a friend of mine and we said that maybe we should get tattoos. And he's a big classical music fan and I'm a big Bob Dylan fan. He said you should go first and I did and needless to say he didn't get Beethoven. I don't regret it at all, mum.

Question (via @IAmYuliaBelka): Ask him about his future projects...after "Camelot," "Deathly Hallows" and Breaking "Dawn."

Answer: I'm actually taking a break at the moment. I have a film coming out at the end of this year, called "Anonymous," which is about the authorship of Shakespeare's work. So that’s exciting for me. I'm just going to take some time off and then will probably go back to the second season of ["Camelot"] sometime this summer. I'm gonna go traveling.

What questions do you have for Jamie Campbell Bower?