'Water For Elephants' Star Robert Pattinson Divulges His Dream Circus Job

Robert Pattinson is a certified Hollywood heartthrob. He has a bustling career, hoards of fans and those charming good looks. It’s hard to believe he could have any aspirations aside from movie star. But it seems that while he finds his day job quite fulfilling, he wouldn't mind another kind of job all together.

"I like mundane manual labor jobs," he told MTV News at the junket for "Water for Elephants," when we asked what circus job he would want. "I find it very satisfying. I like stacking boxes and stuff like that so. And also I looked at all the background guys who were putting up a tent as apart of a scene and they were doing this stuff, like in 'Dumbo,' and it looked like something appealing about that, being apart of this team that creates this town in two days, and it's quite cool. And I like the idea of being the absolute every man as well."

We would never want to see RPattz retire for a job out of Hollywood, but we fully support whatever sort of vocation Rob does choose to pursue in the future. We even have a few suggestions.

For instance, he would perhaps mull a job as a plumber. We'd love for him to caulk our bathtubs. He would also make for one fine construction worker. We're sure he's really good at hammering things. Or, maybe, he'd be interested in being our local garbage man. He can pick us up, we mean our garbage, any day of the week. Or, perhaps, he should just keep gracing the big screen. We're totally fine with that idea.

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