Sneak Peek: Bella's 'Breaking Dawn' Bridal Look, Illustrated!

If you want to see a sneak peek of Kristen Stewart as Bella the Bride, all dressed up and decked out for her vampire wedding in "Breaking Dawn"...well, sorry. We don't have one, and you'll just have to wait for some leaked photos or production stills like everyone else, young lady.

But if you want to take a gander at a drawing of what said wedding dress might maybe (probably? hopefully?!) look like, today's your lucky day! Because Entertainment Weekly just shared two exclusive images from "The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide," and one of them does, indeed, show everyone's favorite Forks resident in a flowing white gown with elegant lines, long sleeves and a cascading lace veil.

Okay, so technically, the dress is depicted on a mannequin and not on Bella herself...which, on the plus side, does provide a gratefully non-terrifying explanation as to why the girl in the photo has no face. But never mind that! The important thing is that this bridal look—which is as true as can be to the in-print description of Bella's art nouveau, 1920s-style wedding gown—may be our first real preview of what to expect when she walks down the aisle in "Breaking Dawn."

Click over to to see the full wedding dress plus an illustration of Bella as a bloodsucker!

What do you think of the illustrated Bridal Bella?