Robert Pattinson Reveals His Favorite Television Show (Hint: It Once Featured A Jonas!)

We here at Hollywood Crush like to think of Robert Pattinson a certain way. An English gentleman, with a somewhat goofy side, who appreciates the strong women he works with, loves animals and prefers his privacy. Turns out there was one Pattinson trait we were totally unaware of: He also likes bad television!

MTV News recently caught up with RPattz again, and in honor of his upcoming film "Water For Elephants," we asked what he considered to be "the greatest show on Earth." Would he pick, perhaps, a BBC miniseries to feel at home or maybe give a nod to fellow fictional vampire brethren on "The Vampire Diaries"? Check out his response after the jump!

Actually, it's neither of those shows. With no hesitation whatsoever Rob answered, "Minute to Win It."

After a bout of laughter, Rob said of the Guy Fieri-hosted, time-sensitive game show, "It's like, my favorite TV show." Hmm...we wonder if he'd do a celebrity episode à la Kevin Jonas?!

Luckily Rob can never wind up on his other favorite television show, "America's Dumbest Criminals." While others may see this particular series as, say, a guilty pleasure, our dear Robert defines it as "probably the most spectacular show Earth!"

Okay, so we know crummy TV is one thing Rob would miss if he were somehow transported back to the time period in which "Water for Elephants" is set. But what else would he pine for? "I like fast cars, even though I don't have one," he revealed with a laugh, adding, "I like the idea of having one at some point." Beyond that, he stumbled to find an answer (maybe he wouldn't do so well on "Minute to Win It" after all....). "I have a very simple life," he said. "I don't know if I'd really miss anything."

Crushers, were you as amused as we were with Robert Pattinson's choices for his favorite television shows? Let us know in the comments section and on Twitter!