Cam Gigandet Goes Platinum!

Up until now, we've always known Cam Gigandet (of "Twilight" and "Easy A" fame) as "that uber-hottie with the beautiful dirty-blond hair." So when we heard that he was debuting a fresh new style at WonderCon, we thought we'd catch up with him for an interview and get a sneak peek at his OHMYGOD CAM WHAT DID YOU DO?!?

Er. Well! As you can see, Cam's brand-new, platinum-blond look is what some might call a tad extreme. (Or, if you were a teenager in the 1990s, a tad "Joshua Jackson in 'Cruel Intentions'".)

Fortunately, Cam had a perfectly valid explanation for what happened on top of his head: All color was drained from his hair by evil, pigment-thieving burglars. Or maybe goblins.

"I went to sleep one night," Cam said, "and I woke up, BOOM, gone."

Really? But wait, because he also had an alternate theory: "Or it's our water, something in our water."

Wow! Well, since it wasn't intentional... oh, wait.

"No," Cam admitted, "it was just for fun. I just needed something different." And as far as extreme style goes, this one was strictly a family affair: "My sister does hair and she's great at it, but this is the first I've ever trusted her to do something," he explained. Although he added that actually, there was one previous foray into sisterly hairdressing that left him with carrot-colored locks. So now, he added, "I've had orange, blond, and normal [hair]."

Personally, we'd like to see it back at "normal"—although we have to admit, he's still hot. But according to Cam, the verdict isn't in yet on how his fans feel about the new 'do.

"This is kind of the first day that people are finding out," he said. "It's only been a couple of days, but we'll see."

Cam's new hair: love it? Hate it? Really hate it?! Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!