Miley Cyrus Returns To Twitter, Joins These Repeat Tweeps

No failwhaling here: Miley Cyrus is back on Twitter!

It seems all is right in the celebrity Twitterverse once again, as Miley has finally made her long-awaited return to the social networking site. The singer/actress, fresh off of her win at this weekend's Kids' Choice Awards, is now tweeting from @gypsyhearttour, in preparation for her upcoming tour.

Miley has already set her sights high to regain her power on Twitter (late Sunday night she posted, "Goal 1. Get 1,000,000 followers! Goal 2. Make #RADIATELOVE a trending topic!") and has been conversing with fellow famous tweeters like Jaden Smith, whom she told, "@officialjaden Let's take over the world together! Starting with Disney Land! PS I'm totes laying around eating chocolate watching Hancock."

Now that Miley has made her triumphant return to Twitter almost a year-and-a-half after she left it (at the time she explained to fans that she quit because she wanted privacy because on-again, off-again boyfriend Liam Hemsworth suggested it), we wanted to take a look back at other stars who have taken a temporary leave from writing in 140 characters or less, only to return.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes quickly became one of our favorite people to follow on Twitter. Because while some stars tend to keep a relatively low profile on the website, the "Easy A" actress didn't hold back from sharing anything with her followers. From declaring her, er, taste in men to uploading tons of Twitpics, her tweets were always entertaining, to say the least. So we were especially bummed when the star closed her Twitter account, @chicky, back in September 2010. But, much like her "retirement" from the acting biz (which, she announced, ironically enough on Twitter), it didn't last terribly long. Amanda came back to the site earlier this year, with a new, easier-to-remember name, @msamandabynes_.

Emma Roberts

Hell hath no fury like Team Edward fans scorned. And there is, perhaps, no one who knows that better than "Scream 4" actress Emma Roberts. Back in June 2010, the rising star announced that she was on Team Jacob (she did, after all star in "Valentine's Day" with Taylor Lautner!). And all of this would have been fine if she hadn't defended her Team Jacob decision while she was sitting right next to Robert Pattinson during a visit to Jay Leno! The moment set off a firestorm of backlash from RPattz fans on Twitter that was so bad, it was what allegedly forced Roberts to leave @robertsemma. After the dust had settled, Emma finally got back on board just a month-and-a-half later. And, wisely, never mentioned Team Jacob or Team Edward ever again.

Demi Lovato

If anyone had a legit excuse to leave Twitter behind for some time, it was Demi Lovato. The Disney singer/actress fell on hard times back in November 2010 when she entered rehab for emotional and physical issues. In light of the life-changing decision, Demi quit Twitter in order to, we presume, focus on herself and stay away from any negativity. Since then, the "Camp Rock" star has left rehab and, in turn, came back to Twitter. Demi started back up on Twitter on March 15, 2011, telling her followers, "Guess who's baaaaaaaack...!!!!!!!" and received a warm welcome back from famous friends like Kim Kardashian who told her upon her return, "OMG twitter has missed u soooo much!"

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