Chloe Moretz Might Cast Some 'Dark Shadows': Is This Her 'Huge' Secret Project?

It was just a few short days ago that Chloe Moretz informed us that she'd just landed a new role so fantabulous that, quote, "you're gonna die when you hear [about] it"—leading to a furious guess-fest in our offices as to just what this mysterious project could be. But we never predicted this: Reports, courtesy of Deadline, say that the actress is in talks to join the cast of "Dark Shadows," the upcoming supernatural thriller from Tim Burton.

Could this be the OMG HUGE AMAZING new gig that Chloe was referring to?

And if so, do we have time to order a pizza before the excitement knocks us dead? (Yeah, okay, probably not.)

Slated for release in 2012, "Dark Shadows" has already attracted the interest of Johnny Depp, Thomas McDonell, Eva Greene, Jackie Earle Haley and Michelle Pfeiffer (who'll be playing the role of Chloe's mom). And after her turn as an itty-bitty child vampire in last year's "Let Me In," Chloe should feel right at home in a story that's infested with witches, werewolves, vampires and all manner of monsters. And OMG, it's so exciting! We're so excited! We're so excited that we could just—


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