Alex Pettyfer Will Not Be A 'Seventh Son': What Does This Mean For 'Mortal Instruments'?

Is Alex Pettyfer keeping his schedule clear for something of big (and "Mortal") proportions? Perhaps we shouldn't fan the speculation fires...but...that wouldn't be any fun!

In rather short order, it seems the "I Am Number Four" star has moved on from several high-profile projects he was once linked to. First came word from Variety that the 20-year-old was not among the front-runners for District 12 tribute Peeta Mellark in the big screen adaptation of "The Hunger Games" (a role which we advised him against, BTW). Now buried in another story from Variety—detailing how all of young Hollywood is angling for roles in "The Seventh Son" (formerly known as "The Last Apprentice")—comes the tidbit that Alex has reportedly "moved on" from the project. It should be noted that Vulture had earlier reported Alex was choosing that YA adaptation over "The Mortal Instruments."

So what does this all mean for "TMI" fans hoping to see Alex wear Shadowhunter Jace Wayland's runes? Honestly, we're not sure. Until Screen Gems makes an official announcement, anything's possible. However, Alex backing away from "The Seventh Son" and leaving his calendar relatively clear gives us a glimmer of hope. Just a glimmer.

What is your gut telling you "Mortal Instruments" fans? Do you think Alex is leaving his schedule open for "City of Bones"? Does he still have your vote for Jace? Reveal all in the comments and on Twitter!