'90210' And 'Gossip Girl' Promos: Everyone's Kissing Everyone

Shaking. Cold sweats. Shouting in your sleep. While these may all be signs of a far more serious condition, they are also common symptoms brought on by lack of new episodes from our favorite CW shows. Separation can be tough, and it's safe to say our Monday nights have not been the same since the last new installments of "90210" and "Gossip Girl" aired a good, oh, four weeks ago. (Not that we're counting. Oh, whatever. Yes we are!)

Unfortunately we're not out of the woods yet, Crushers—new episodes return on April 18—but thankfully the network is preventing any further physical trauma by sending us a sneak peak of what's to come on each show's home stretch. And it looks goooood. Really good. (Watch the promo after the jump!)

There are plenty of "OMG"-worthy sightings and more than one shirtless torso in the scandalous clip above: Silver with red hair! Dan and Vanessa! Dair in full effect! Chair back together?! But how will these major moments affect the developing plot lines that have already been established? For those who need a little refresher, here's where we left off:

"90210": Naomi liked a nerd who thought she was snobby and vain, until she dressed up like a Na'vi and totally won him over. Annie and Liam teamed up to get rid of her creepy Cousin Emily, while Ivy found a new boyfriend named Raj who recently revealed he has leukemia. Biggest of all, Adrianna discovered Silver was The Other Woman in her relationship with Navid and she's isn't taking it well. (I believe "destroy her" was used?) So much for best friends.

"Gossip Girl": Lily turned herself into the police over the fake affidavit that landed Ben in jail, ending the relationship between Serena and her former teacher, and the threat of a takeover by Thorpe Enterprises. Outside the pokey Mrs. VDW was greeted by not only Rufus but her ex-husband William (William Baldwin). Raina was now spending more time with Nate, watching basketball and not thinking about much of anything (so, not a big change for N). And after weeks of secret outings at movie theaters across the city, Dan and Blair finally, maybe, possibly took their "friendship" to the next level with one steamy kiss...just as Serena and Chuck were each on their way over to declare their feelings for their former lovers.

Got all that? While Dan and Blair are a pair none of us may have seen coming, it has GG fans absolutely smitten. Despite the fact that my heart breaks each time the Basshole is in pain, I'd like to see where Dair goes. The same can be said for Naomi and her nerd Max, who makes her show just enough human decency, yet still leaves room for one or two of hilarious bouts of narcissism. The Navid-Silver-Adrianna saga can't end well, but perhaps there is some comic relief in sight? There's nothing like a girl fight in the pool to ease the tension. Game on!

What do you hope to see in the new episodes of "90210" and "Gossip Girl"? Why must networks torture us with hiatuses? And how are you handling your CW-free Monday nights? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!