Teresa Palmer In Talks For Summit Zombie Romance 'Warm Bodies': Yes, Please!

Forget Alex Pettyfer. The biggest badass in the film adaptation of "I Am Number Four" is clearly tough-as-nails, alien hottie Number Six, played by Aussie actress Teresa Palmer. I could watch that girl kick butt all day long (hello, girl crush!), which is why I'm pretty jazzed about her latest (maybe) project.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Teresa is in talks to star along "Skins" actor Nicholas Hoult in Summit Entertainment's "Warm Bodies."

The zombie flick is being described as "Twilight" meets "Shaun of the Dead." Teresa would play the daughter of a military leader and the love interest to Nicholas' zombie character R. "The blossoming relationship starts a chain reaction that will transform him, his fellow zombies and maybe the whole lifeless world," adds the THR piece.

It sounds like the role will be a mix of action (fighting off all those undead) and romance (which we always love)—two things we know Teresa can handle after "I Am Number Four" and the '80s-set comedy "Take Me Home Tonight." It's also a bit coincidental that Summit is tapping a young lady to star in their latest supernatural love story who just so happens to look EXACTLY LIKE KRISTEN STEWART. (And for the record, we're not the only ones who see the resemblance.) Either way, Teresa and Nicholas would make one pretty hot couple, so we're hoping Teresa says "I Am On Board."

Does "Warm Bodies" sound like something you'd see? Do you hope Teresa nabs the lead? And please tell us you see the resemblance to Kristen.