Chloe Moretz Talks 'Hunger Games' And Super-Secret New Project

Oh, Chloe Moretz, how you TEASE US. We caught up with the 14 year-old star of "Let Me In" and "Kick-Ass" on the red carpet at this weekend's First Annual Comedy Awards in NYC, and she let slip that she's got some seriously exciting news to announce in the next week or so...but the little minx wouldn't tell us what it is.

"I just booked a huge project last night," is all she'd say. "You're gonna die when you find out, it's huge!"

And it must be, since Chloe added that after officially landing whatever role this is, "I left my iPad on a plane, I was so freaked out."

Okay then! We'll be on tenterhooks waiting for the official word to come down...and doing our best to guess in the meantime. (C'mon Chloe, admit it: You're gonna be the next James Bond, right?) And for Chloe, a big-deal new film project must soften the blow of having been passed up for the primo part of Katniss Everdeen in the upcoming "Hunger Games" movie—though she's got nothing but nice things to say about Jennifer Lawrence, who did snag the role and with whom she's worked before. And while she's quick to say that she can't really talk about it, we've got a gut feeling that Chloe might still be in the running for another role in the film. Prim, perhaps?

But really, back to the BIG SECRET PROJECT: Can't she just give us a hint?

"It's big and it's crazy and it involves some really cool actors," said Chloe. "And it's HUGE."

Any guesses of your own about Chloe's project of iPad-forgetting proportions? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!