'Sucker Punch' Cast Reveal Their Favorite Kick-Butt Moments

Moviegoers will be in for one heck of a crazy ride this weekend when they finally get to see Zack Snyder's mind-bending, visually arresting action-adventure flick, "Sucker Punch."

The film's female-dominated cast, which includes Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung and Jena Malone, found themselves—and their characters—in some rather outrageous situations. After all, the movie does take place in an alternate universe where the laws of serious butt-kicking know no boundaries.

MTV News caught up with the gutsy gals of "Sucker Punch," and each one of them recalled to us which crazy scene in the movie was their favorite to film.

Vanessa, who plays the character Blondie, chose the scene in which she's on a B-25 bomber plane "being chased by a dragon and shooting at it." As she said with a giggle, "It's pretty intense."

For Vanessa's co-star Jena Malone (Rocket) it was a "really fun green screen moment where I was being lowered upside down on the harness, 40 feet in the air." In addition to hanging upside down, Jena was shooting at robots, all while doing flips. "It was fun," she explained.

While playing Amber, Jamie enjoyed her time in something called the Mecca. The actress tried her best to explain, "It was this kind of semi-giant green egg and it was, like, on this mechanical thing, so it had some movement." But the coolest part of the Mecca for Jamie, "It really required a lot of imagination."

Meanwhile for "Sucker Punch"'s leading lady, Emily, who plays the heroine Babydoll, it was her very first fight scene from the movie in "the samurai world" that got her the most revved-up. The action sequence required Emily to be on "wires the whole time, jumping up and doing these crazy [things]," she explained. "That's pretty cool to see," the actress said of the moment. "It's almost like a character in a video game."

But for Abbie, who stars as Sweet Pea, it was the overall theme of the movie and the fact that she, and all the girls got "solo action pieces" that did it for her. Abbie, who told MTV News that she loved, "The process of filming World War I," geeked out explaining her favorite moments from her co-stars.

"[When] Vanessa's character flips her tomahawk and that awesome throw that she does and when Jena flips her gun it's in slow motion, I love that stuff," she said, "It's so cool."

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