MULTIPLE CHOICE: Would You Watch A 'Pretty Little Liars' Movie?

by Jeni Sue Birnbaum

Earlier this week, "Pretty Little Liars" aired its season finale—the second most-watched episode of the season. I was one of the millions who tuned in to see if the girls would finally solve the mystery of Alison’s murder. Who wasn’t shocked when it was revealed that Ian’s body mysteriously disappeared and A was still out there? With eight novels in the young-adult series, I’m sure there’s enough material to go on for many seasons to come. But could the Rosewood girls be sleuthing for Alison’s killer on the big screen?

In a recent interview with Deadline, series writer-producer I. Marlene King was asked if the series could segue into a feature film. (Ummmm, yes please!)

"I know that Alloy would love to create a feature franchise with this," she revealed. "We've talked about doing a feature film once the girls get older. But I think it’s definitely the golden age of television for women in the sense that ensemble movies aren’t getting made, but ensemble TV shows are on ABC Family and Lifetime." Gotta love that women are taking over the tube, and more power to the networks for featuring girl-centered shows!

While we can’t wait for "PLL" to come back for season two, we're definitely crossing our fingers to see Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily solving Rosewood’s mystery in theaters. But what do you guys think? Would you go see "PLL: The Movie"? Vote in our poll below!