'Sucker Punch' Stars Talk Badass Costumes: Nobody's Gonna Mess With You!

You can't talk about the visually-stunning, action-packed, fierce-female-driven "Sucker Punch" without mentioning the costumes worn by the leading ladies—layer upon layer of bondage harnesses, fishnet underthings, leather laceups and the occasional sailor suit. So when we sat down with stars Emily Browning, Jamie Chung, Jena Malone and Abbie Cornish for a chit-chat, the discussion was fashion first.

Jamie started out by explaining the way that costumes helped the girls get into character—and to make the transition as actors from their real-world scenes to the epic dreamworld in which their battle takes place. "We had a lot to play with," she explained, "with power and strength, but still being really vulnerable. It's a wide range of different costumes that help put you in a different kind of mood."

And in some cases, the mood wasn't good. Jena said of their "institutional" costumes, "We were wearing these gray, drab...frocks! It's just, like, dirt—you put it on and there's a weight on your shoulders."

Although she was quick to add that the depression lifted when the costumes came off: "And the next day we're wearing these dance warm-up costumes that make you want to stretch and move your legs and move around...and the next day, we're in our fight uniforms, where it's like—instantly, you just walk out of your trailer and nobody's gonna f--- with you!"

Of course, it wasn't just the clothes; to complete their transformations from normal girls to dreamworld warriors, the actresses underwent serious fight training and were spackled with—as Emily pointed out—"a LOT of makeup."

"It was weird because we went from three months of training—I'd had no makeup on for three months," she said. "I'd been sweaty and gross and wearing sweatpants...and then I've got three pairs of eyelashes on." And as a testament to how in-character Emily was by the time filming ended, she became so accustomed to her Baby Doll look that she recalled, "At the end of the day, I'd take the eyelashes off and go, 'Awww.'"

Granted, getting dressed on set took a lot of work—Abbie said that Jena's fight costume, in particular, was "insane; it was like a corset at the back, and all the layers, and [gestures] right here up to her neck"—but the girls look so bad-ass that...well, we want our own "Sucker Punch" outfits. And we are leaving the office right now, and we are not coming back until we have purchased fishnet stockings, combat boots and several pairs of leather Lederhosen.

Are you raring to check out the style of "Sucker Punch"?