Oscar Isaac Hits Us With A 'Sucker Punch' As This Week's Hump Day Hottie

Sure, "Sucker Punch" is all about the ladies, but one dude manages to stand out in the feisty, girl power flick. The film's main man, Oscar Isaac, has sucker punched his way to the top of the hot guy heap to become this week's Hump Day Hottie.

Check out this dreamy photo of Oscar, and then keep reading for more details about him!

Vital stats: He was born in Guatemala before moving to Miami, where he grew up. Before fame and fortune, he was in a band, The Blinking Underdogs, and attended Julliard.

Where you might have already seen him: He's done theater, starring in both "Romeo and Juliet" and "Two Gentlemen of Verona." His other credits include high-profile projects like "Robin Hood," "Body of Lies" and "Che."

Why you should take notice of him now: Well, he's one of the few guys in "Sucker Punch." (Jon Hamm makes a quick cameo in the Zack Snyder flick opening this weekend.) In it he plays Blue Jones, and he opened up about the role.

"Blue Jones, who is an orderly at this asylum, I think he’s someone who’s generally been pretty powerless in his life and so he uses this position at this kind of unorganized, slightly chaotic old asylum to have a position of power," he said of his character. "He kind of hoards information, and he collects things, and he has a slightly OCD thing about him, and he becomes like the don of the institution to a certain extent."

Oscar's post-"Sucker Punch" docket is pretty full and includes "The Jesuit," Madonna's "W.E," "Ten Year," "Drive" and "Cristiada."

Until next week, when we choose another Hump Day Hottie, watch a clip of Oscar in "Sucker Punch" below!