'Breaking Dawn' Star Jamie Campbell Bower Learns A Family Secret In EXCLUSIVE 'Camelot' Clip

For weeks, Jamie Campbell Bower has been intriguing—and, okay, taunting—us with tweets from the set of his upcoming television series "Camelot." ("Relaxing in the sunshine with the Camelot boys. Lurve ya Ireland," he told followers last week.)

And while we don't get to bask in the sun (sigh) with the "Harry Potter" and "Breaking Dawn" star, MTV does have an exclusive clip of Jamie going toe-to-toe with Joseph Fiennes in an intense scene from the new Starz show.

In the pivotal scene, Jamie discovers that he—and his family—isn't who he thought. After Merlin (Joseph) delivers the news that, "The King is dead, murdered," he drops an even bigger bombshell: Arthur (Jamie) was the King's only son.

A dumbfounded Arthur turns to his parents, who confirm that he was given to them by Merlin as a baby, and they raised him as if he were their own. So not only does Arthur learn that his mother and father aren't his legitimate parents, but now he's actually King Arthur. Talk about being royally betrayed.

We've got to say, Jamie looks good here (and we're not just talking about that oh-so-handsome face and those luscious golden locks). The actor ranges from confusion to denial to shock in a matter of seconds in a key turning point for the show and his character. "Long live the King," indeed.

Jamie buffs can get their fix (after all, we've still got some time until "Breaking Dawn: Part 2") when "Camelot" rides on to Starz April 1.

Will you be tuning in to watch Jamie Campbell Bower as King Arthur in "Camelot"? Let us know in the comments section below, Crushers!