'Hunger Games' Casting: Experts Weigh In On Who Should Play Peeta

Now that we officially have our Katniss, the hunt is on for fellow District 12 tribute, Peeta Mellark. And everyone seems to have an opinion (including us!) on who should be cast alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the film adaptation of "The Hunger Games."

In the book, Suzanne Collins describes Peeta as "having ashy blond hair that falls in waves over his forehead." But like we saw with the casting of Jennifer, Hollywood may not pick someone who already looks the part. With that in mind, we chatted up the experts to find out who they think should nab the coveted role.

"He's probably going to have to be, you know, close to [Jennifer's] age, obviously," said Theresa Morgan from Down With The Capitol. "Our biggest concern with one of the younger actresses was that a lot of the people that had been mentioned for Peeta, we weren't sure could handle the role. With Jennifer being cast, it opens the age range for Peeta."

And just like Jennifer, Hailee Steinfeld, and Abigail Breslin were the front runners of the Katniss race, three names keep popping up for the role of Peeta: Josh Hutcherson, Alex Pettyfer and fan-favorite Hunter Parrish.

"We'll see what happens with that," said Megan Scott of The Hob. "But when I think of these guys matched up with Jennifer, they all seem, you know, to go well together."

"I think Hunter would be perfect. Our whole site thinks Hunter would be perfect. And I think he looks the role and he acts the role," said Theresa. "We're hoping they lean that way."

Theresa went on to say that Josh has received a pretty decent reaction on the site, as well, and that many fans would rather see Alex play Finnick Odair, the male victor from District 4, later on.

And then, of course, there are those who would like Peeta to be played by a relatively unknown actor.

"My favorite Peeta is Callan McAuliffe," said Kimmy West of Mockingjay.net. "He just kind of has that warm quality that Peeta has."

Who would you like to see play Peeta? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter.