Robert Pattinson Is In Puppy Love With New Dog, Bear

After much speculation, Robert Pattinson has finally come clean about the special someone who has been monopolizing all of his time of late. No, it's not Kristen Stewart (it's not going to be that easy, Twihards), but rather his adorable puppy, Bear. (Confession: We don't know what said dog looks like, but something just tells us he is a cutie.)

In the clip above, Rob talks about adopting the dog from a shelter, where he came with the full name Yogi Bear. Apparently RPattz isn't a fan of the cartoon pic-a-nic basket stealer, opting for a shortened version instead. "Yogi was a bit much," he explained. (Don't worry, Rob. We won't tell JT you said that.)

We already knew Rob was an animal lover and grew particularly close with his "Water For Elephants" costar Tai, but the mental image of him playing with a cute little pup on a regular basis is just too much for us to bear. With the "Water For Elephants" press tour coming up, someone's going to need a dog-sitter, right? Get those resumes ready.

Check out the entire 30-minute "MTV First: Robert Pattinson" interview on demand!

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