'Sucker Punch' Stars Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Browning Talk First Impressions And Kicking Butt

Talk about a fierce fivesome!

Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Jamie Chung and Jena Malone, the stars of the upcoming "Sucker Punch," have landed on the cover of Nylon and are out to prove that not only can females in Hollywood kick some serious butt on-screen, but can be a force to be reckoned with off-screen as well.

The leading ladies talked to the magazine about what it was like meeting each other on the set of Zack Snyder's action-fantasy flick, and while there wasn't any cattiness to be found ("We all got along. It was magic," Emily said) there was certainly a level of intimidation.

Jena recalled how she felt the first time she met Abbie, "[She] was a badass, I was scared of her." But even Jenna disquieted one of her co-stars, as Vanessa confessed, "I remember walking in the very first day, and Jena is stretching her back from side to side, and I remember looking at her like, 'Damn! Look at the back on that chica!' She was so cut! I was blown away by her back muscles. I was like, 'Okay, I'm a little bit intimidated, I must admit.'"

In fact, the "Sucker Punch" quintet, particularly after their grueling training for the film, impressed—and, let's be honest, scared—some of Hollywood's toughest fellas. Abbie recalled, "One night I was having dinner with Bradley Cooper and he was like, 'If [the cast of "The A-Team"] had played paintball with [the cast of "Sucker Punch"] you would have kicked our butts.' It's like, 'Yeah, we know.'"

But it seems all that hard work definitely paid off for the final product...and not just in catching the eye of Bradley Cooper! Vanessa explained how she felt when she finally got to see the flick. "My adrenaline was kicking, my energy, my spirits were so high that I literally felt like I had just walked out of a rock concert... When I saw it, I was literally like, 'Woo, yes! I can do anything! Yay! Go women!' Like, I feel so empowered."

And speaking of empowered women, how about MTV's own Jamie breaking out on the big screen?! The reality-star-turned-actress, who appeared on the San Diego season of "The Real World," reflected on her time in the house. "That was a fun college experience. They're like, 'We'll pay your rent for three months, we'll send you off to an awesome vacation.' It totally beat serving cocktails at the local college bar."

"Sucker Punch" fights its way into theaters this Friday, March 25.

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