'Pretty Little Liars' Finale: Shay Mitchell And Ashley Benson Promise 'So Much Intensity'

Tonight is the night we've been both anticipating and dreading: the "Pretty Little Liars" season finale. Anticipating because maybe we'll get a little closer to the real identity of Alison's murderer and/or A. Dreading because, well, it means no new episodes (and no Ian Harding) for months. Way to make spring suck, ABC Family!

Despite our anxiety and expected withdrawal symptoms commencing in, oh, about six hours, we've been dying to know what will happen on tonight's sure-to-be-heart-pounding finale. (Though how can they top last fall's car accident cliff hanger?) Tyler Blackburn (a.k.a. missing-in-action Caleb) already gave us a tease of tonight's episode, but we needed more details, so we turned to a few of the series' leading ladies: Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson.

"I've been saying that it's basically like a feature film that has been condensed into one episode," Shay dished. "I say that because there's just so many different things that happen with each of the characters."

Like what, Shay? "There's a lot of stuff with relationships and our significant others," she continued. "So much juice in it. So much drama. So much intensity in this season finale. It's gonna be great. You have to tune in."

For her part, Ashley didn't so much tell us what will happen, but what she wants to happen.

"I kind of want Hanna to get in trouble from the heartbreak," Ashley joked. "She, like, wants to branch out and be bad. We'll see." Ashley also revealed that we do get one step closer to learning who A is. However, Ash has her own ideas about who A should be.

"I want it to be one of the four girls," she said. When asked if she is, indeed, A, all Ashley would say is, "Maybe. Maybe I'm a really good liar."

Good liar? Well, that does sound a lot like A!

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