Robert Pattinson Pays Mackenzie Foy For His Swearing On 'Breaking Dawn' Set

Imagine Robert Pattinson describing you as "cool," "smart" and "sweet." Now imagine it's during a live, 30-minute interview for everyone to see and hear?!

That was exactly the case for 10-year-old actress Mackenzie Foy, who plays RPattz's offspring, Renesmee, in the eagerly anticipated "Breaking Dawn." During "MTV First: Robert Pattinson," Mackenzie's onscreen dad had some pretty lovely things to say about his young co-star.

In addition to describing her as "really cool" and "really smart," Robert said Mackenize is a "great actress" and that, "She has to do a hard part as well, 'cause she's....playing a baby in some scenes."

But her hard work is paying more ways than one! "She's earned a lot of money out of us swearing around her," the actor, who is also starring in the upcoming "Water for Elephants," admitted.

So much so that "sweet" Mackenzie "just waits there with her hand out" while he and Kristen Stewart pay the price for their foul language flubs!

While Rob said all of his cursing is by accident (we here at MTV are quite familiar with his naughty words!) KStew is "especially" bad about it.

Turns out, the ever-so-nervous Kristen will continue to curse as she apologizes (a moment hilarious mimicked by Robert during the live chat). "She can't stop doing it for about 15 minutes," Rob added.

Still, that's not the only crazy thing going on on the set of the second "Breaking Dawn," Rob told us. Not only is there the special effects wizardry to reverse Mackenzie's age, but the whole cast has experienced some wild movie magic.

"Oh man, some of the things are so....we've done some very strange things on 'Breaking Dawn!'" he revealed cryptically.

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