'MTV First: Robert Pattinson': What Was Your Favorite Moment?

Well, fellow Robert Pattinson fans, that was pretty epic, huh? Not to toot our own horns, but we had a blast during the "MTV First: Robert Pattinson" live stream. We learned a lot about Rob. Unsurprisingly, he enjoys "hot girls." He did indeed get a new dog named Bear. And he's learning to play the cello. (Such the renaissance man, amiright?) The 30-minute stream was packed with a lot of goodness, so much so, that I'm having a hard time picking my favorite part. But, alas, I have honed in on one moment I enjoyed the most: The Lightening Round.

At the very end of his chat with Rob, our own Josh Horowitz whipped out a bunch of rapid-fire Twitter questions from you, the fans. And though Rob's answers weren't necessarily soul-bearing (I mean, asking about someone's favorite karaoke song doesn't usually illicit tearful confessions), nonetheless, I felt like we got to learn a little bit more about the "Water for Elephants" star in a completely fun way.

In this clip, Rob answers two very important questions. First: What's his favorite karaoke song? "'Bump N' Grind' or 'Purple Rain,'" he said with a laugh. Second: Does he like "Glee"? "I've never seen it," he said. "But people have been telling me—people I wouldn't expect to be big fans of it—are like, 'It's great. It's amazing. You should get the box set.' And I'm like, 'Really?' Maybe it's really cool."

Maybe Rob should sign up for a "Glee" cameo—sort of a baptism by fire. Or maybe not...

Anyhoo, that was my favorite moment from tonight's "MTV First: Robert Pattinson" live stream. You can watch the whole interview on demand if you missed (or want to relive) any of the Pattinson goodness, including his thoughts on "Breaking Dawn" daughter Mackenzie Foy, his compliments for Reese Witherspoon and whether or not he'll ever host "Saturday Night Live"!

What was your favorite moment from "MTV First: Robert Pattinson"?