Robert Pattinson Asks Reese Witherspoon To Run Away With Him In EXCLUSIVE 'Water For Elephants' Clip

This may be an easy question, Crushers, but just indulge me for a second: If Robert Pattinson asked you to jump off a train, would you? Heck yes! But while we can all make that decision in a matter of seconds, for Reese Witherspoon's mysterious Marlena, the decision is a little bit more difficult.

In our EXCLUSIVE look at "Water For Elephants," we see the brooding, handsome Jacob (hmmm... sound familiar?) pleading with mysterious Marlena (Reese) to leave all of her drama behind and run away with him. "There's a better kind of life that's meant for you, whether that life is with me or not, whether you love me or not. It doesn't matter," he says. Handsome and supportive? Swoon. The feel is dark and romantic, and Reese looks flawless in her '20s-era curls; we can't wait to see RPattz and Christoph Waltz fight over her on the big screen.

But enough of my rambling, let's get to the clip already! In honor of Robert Pattinson Friday, Friday, Friday, check out exclusive look at "Water For Elephants" below:


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