'MTV First: Robert Pattinson' Live Blog!

It's Friday, Friday, Friday! Or rather, we should be singing, It's Robert Pattinson Friday, Friday, Friday! That's right, RPattz fans, your patience has paid off. It's finally time for our "MTV First: Robert Pattinson" live stream. We're pretty sure you know this by now, but just in case, in addition to debuting a new clip from his upcoming circus drama "Water for Elephants," Rob will sit down with our own Josh Horowitz for a Q&A session, which will include questions submitted by YOU!

What big-top shenanigans will Rob spill? What "Breaking Dawn" scoop will he dish up? What anecdotes will we be laughing about days later? Let's find out! We're live blogging the whole thing, so keep reading after the jump to enter the "MTV First: Robert Pattinson" discussion. Comment (and hit refresh) early and often!

9:33 AND THAT'S A WRAP! What did you all think of "MTV First: Robert Pattinson"? What was your favorite part?

9:32 Rob's ultimate "WFE" takeaway: He feels easier about everything because it's not all stressful. And it helps when elephants bring you coffee.

9:30 Random Facts: Rob likes 1993-1999 rap best. He's an iPhone man because of Words With Friends. Rob's karaoke song is "Bump and Grind" or "Purple Rain." He's never seen "Glee." His favorite American city is Houston, Texas. Rob doesn't know if he's funny enough to host "SNL."

9:28 Rob is learning how to play the cello.

9:27 Rob plays some piano in "Breaking Dawn." Re-learned the piano in 10 seconds.

9:25 "Unbound Captives" is still up in the air. And Rob is kind of writing a script. AWESOME! Says he needs more respect to be a director.

9:25 Could you see Rob as a super-hero?

9:24 Ouch! Reese was stepped on by horse. He cried for her.

9:23 "Cosmopolis" will have a crazy cast.

9:22 Rob acted like he was possessed by a monkey for seven hours. #bananas

9:21 "Bel Ami" is being "edited and re-edited."

9:20 Rob says Kristen is more cerebral than he is when it comes to acting.

9:19 Any regrets? Rob wouldn't have worn that suit to the "Twilight" premiere (it was too tight), and he probably wouldn't have drank as much before the premiere...

9:17 Walk down memory lane... Anyone remember Twilight Tuesdays?

9:16 Aw, Rob making the Chilean kiss joke. Still...don't get it.

9:15 Rob calls his MTV jacket "embarrassing." Way harsh, Rob!

9:14 Rob has never met Bieber.

9:12 Ah, Rob's hair evolution or Robert Pattinson: Hair History.

9:10 Rob says his "Breaking Dawn" love scenes are funny. We hope funny actually means sexy.

9:09 Loves scenes with a sick Rob include him wiping his nose on your wig. FYI.

9:08 Rob says he sometimes slips into a Christopher Walken accent. And he loves New Jersey accents! #fistpump

9:07 Rob knows five words in Polish: the elephant commands.

9:05 "I like hot girls. I like being in movies with lots of hot girls," he says. We bet you do, Rob. He also says all of his co-stars are very strong. "Experienced and passionate" people.

9:03 Rob's dog's name is Bear. It was a shelter dog originally named Yogi Bear.

9:02 First Twitter question: Did Rob prefer working with Reese or Tai? "Well, they're very similar," Rob responds. Also, can we talk about that elephant fart Reese endured? Yowzers!

9:01 Tai and Rob took a nap together on his lunch break. Swooon. Britney Spears also worked with Tai. Coincidence?

8:59 Tai the elephant sealed the deal on this movie for Rob.

8:58 "I just wanted to show I could do Jacob too... The next movie I'm going to play Taylor." LOLZ

8:57 We'll come with you Rob/Jacob! Take our hand! How did everyone like that EXCLUSIVE "Water for Elephants" clip?

8:56 Here we go! Here we go!


8:51 Five more minutes! So who submitted the most questions for Rob!?!

8:48 What clip are you hoping to see from "Water for Elephants" tonight?

8:46 Josh is super-excited to see Rob. Can you tell?

8:45 Hey guys! Consider yourselves officially welcomed to the Hollywood Crush live blog of "MTV First: Robert Pattinson"! The LIVE STREAM starts in exactly 11 minutes so sit tight!