Ryan Phillippe Looks Back At The Movie That Ignited Our Decade-Long Crush: 'Cruel Intentions'

For those of us who are old enough to remember seeing "Cruel Intentions" in theaters, I imagine most of you will agree that it was an amazing, delightful experience. The gorgeous cast (who were all super-famous at the time), the angsty, completely-unbelievable-yet-somehow-romantic plotline, that soundtrack! I still cannot hear "Colorblind," by The Counting Crows without thinking about that darn escalator scene. Sigh.

Anyway! Even though most of the cast has gone on to bigger and better things, it's nice to know it holds a special place in their hearts. Like Ryan Phillippe's, for example. When MTV news caught up with him during the press day for his new (and really good!) movie "The Lincoln Lawyer," he revealed that people still recognize/remember him most for his portrayal of snotty, spoiled rich-kid-turned-softy, Sebastian Valmont.

"Probably 'Cruel Intentions' still," he said of the film for which he is most recognized. "Which is so funny to me because it’s over a decade old, that movie, at this point. But I love it. I love that it’s somehow lasted. It gets re-discovered by different generations."

Ryan went on to say that he is happy that the film resonated, and still resonates, with so many people, particularly the teen audience.

"It’s fun to be a part of a teen movie that had an impact on kids when they were in high school," he said. "I would never be embarrassed by having been in a big teen movie. It’s cool."

Next time we'll harass him about another favorite from that same era, "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

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