Summit Entertainment's Post-'Twilight' Plans Are 'Divergent'

Taking a page from its "Twilight" success, Summit Entertainment is putting its future in the hands of book adaptations. A few years ago, Summit convinced Stephenie Meyer to sell her "Twilight Saga," and $750 million later, we think they might be on to something. As they close the final chapter on the popular franchise, Summit is sucking up book rights like a hungry vampire.

Their latest deal? Veronica Roth's young adult debut, "Divergent," Deadline reports. The novel, which will be published by the HarperCollins imprint Katherine Tegen Books, follows 16-year-old Beatrice Prior in dystopian Chicago. Although the book doesn't hit shelves until May 3, it's already receiving early praise, perhaps influencing Summit to so quickly jump on the rights.

"'Divergent' is a captivating, fascinating book that kept me in constant suspense and was never short on surprises. It will be a long time before I quit thinking about this haunting vision of the future," said "The Maze Runner" author James Dashner.

Because of its strong female lead, dystopian setting, tone and violent content, "Divergent" faces early comparisons to another hugely successful YA novel already on its way to the big screen—"The Hunger Games." Which is probably just another reason Summit sees franchise potential.

Are you excited to read "Divergent?" Had you already heard about the book? Do you think it's smart for Summit to bet on a book that hasn't even been published yet? Share your thoughts in the comments and on Twitter.