Jennifer Lawrence Cast As Katniss In 'Hunger Games': Who Should Play Peeta And Gale?

District 12: Your female tribute is officially Jennifer Lawrence!

By now, you've probably heard the long-awaited news that the 20-year-old "Winter's Bone" star will indeed carry Katniss Everdeen's bow in the "Hunger Games" film adaptation. And all we can say is, it's about time! With Katniss in place, we can turn our gaze towards the series' other integral characters, like Peeta and Gale.

As we mentioned earlier, we were a bit hesitant to throw our casting suggestions into the arena without knowing who would take the lead. After all, age and chemistry play an important role in casting the boys in Katniss' life. So, with yesterday's exciting announcement, we're ready to officially unveil our picks for the dystopian thriller's eye candy. Continue reading after the jump to see who Hollywood Crush staffers want to see in Panem, and click play on the video above to hear more about Jennifer's casting!

Peeta: I picture Peeta as this hunky, perfect teen dream type of guy on the surface but a deep, artistic thinker underneath. Austin Butler, who plays a popular quarterback on "Life Unexpected" fits the bill pretty much perfectly, and can give Peeta the kind of depth he requires.

Gale: The Gale in my mind is tall, dark and handsome. I don't know how tall Ethan Peck is, but he certainly fulfills the other two. Plus, that deep voice lends itself perfect to Gale's commanding presence in Katniss's life.

—Jean Bentley

Peeta: Not only has Josh Hutcherson expressed interest in the role, he's also old enough to not be creepy with Jennifer. (He turns 19 this year.) Plus, we know based on his "The Kids Are All Right" performance that he can play younger pretty successfully. I know they would have to change his look a little, but Josh FTW.

Gale: I'm more undecided on him. Not one person really excites me, so I'll vote for an unknown if I can do that.

—Breia Brissey

Peeta: There are lots of pretty blond actors who could play Peeta, but I'd put my money on "Glee" star "Chord Overstreet. With his shaggy curls, soft face and killer body, he could definitely pull off a handsome, lovable Peeta. I think what really makes Chord perfect for the role is his innocence. Perhaps it's because he's so young, but when you look at his eyes, you get the sense that he would never lie, cheat or hurt you, just like Peeta. He also has the most adorable smile! Swoon.

Gale: I would cast Liam Hemsworth as Gale. I know a lot of fan sites tossed his name around initially as a potential Peeta, but he's got the requisite brawn, acting chops and soulful eyes to portray Gale. With some darker hair, sexy stubble, dirty clothes and a bow in hand, Liam would become a dead-ringer for the Seam's most eligible bachelor.

—Jyll Saskin

Peeta: Alex Pettyfer, Alex Pettyfer, Alex Pettyfer. I don't care that he's been cast as the hot muscular blond in three big young adult properties ("Beastly," "I Am Number Four," "Now"), Alex was the Peeta I pictured when I was reading "The Hunger Games," and IMO he is the only one who can pull it off.

Gale: If Taylor Lautner can put on 30 pounds to keep his role in "The Twilight Saga," <a href="Logan Lerman can beef up a bit and get a few shades tanner to play Gale. He has the range to develop into the major character Gale becomes by "Mockingjay," and he is definitely cute enough to make a good run against Peeta for Katniss' affections (*cough* *cough* Team Peeta all the way!).

—Terri Schwartz

Peeta: I'm siding with the fans for this Reaping: Give us Hunter Parrish! I was initially a bit iffy about the "Weeds" star in this role, but with Jennifer as Katniss and Hunter's own enthusiasm for the part, I'm sold. I mean, really, his boy-next-door (yet totally chiseled) looks make the 23-year-old the baker's son of my dreams.

Gale: See Jean's selection (i.e. Ethan), because I couldn't say it better.

—Amy Wilkinson