'Hunger Games' Casting News: Fans React To Jennifer Lawrence As Katniss

Will Jennifer Lawrence carry Katniss Everdeen's bow and arrow? It sure sounds like it. The rumors that Jennifer will play the lead in the film adaptation of "The Hunger Games" are gaining speed. Late last night, The Wrap reported that Jennifer had officially been offered the part. Neither Lionsgate nor Jennifer's reps have confirmed the story, but it appears like the search for Katniss has come to an end.

So what do fans of the series think of this news? After a quick scour of Hollywood Crush comments and Twitter posts, it seems to be a mixed bag leaning a bit toward disappointment. Take a look at what we found:

@karenmbb "Methinks Jennifer Lawrence will do Katniss in Hunger Games right."

@whtabtpineapple "I don't really care who was cast in Hunger Games but Jennifer Lawrence did do amazing things in Winter's Bone."

@melanieblondi "JENNIFER LAWRENCE AS KATNISS?! shes okay - not great!!!"

@SlightlyMaddz "But...Jennifer Lawrence is so...blond. And nice. She needs to be FIERCE. But I will not judge until I see her as Katniss."

@galleysmith "I may be in the minority but I'm disappointed in Jennifer Lawrence being cast as Katniss"

JC: "Did Hunter FINALLY get recognized by the media, if even just for two sentences? Yes, Hunter (and the back-up choices I have for Peeta) have put me on Jennifer's side.... Jennifer, at 20, is the perfect median. And she's a rocking actress."

Alexis: "Hailee Steinfeld all the way! However, my second choice would definitely be Jennifer Lawrence, she's a great actress too."

CC1228: "Jennifer Lawrence! She's perfect."

noel777: "Jennifer Lawrence is too blonde, too tall, too blue eyed, too white, too not-underfed looking, and too old!!! god hollywood, don't kill another great book."

Many complaints seem to be about that fact that Jennifer doesn't look the part. Well, in Hollywood looks change as often as the time. So even though my first choice was Hailee Steinfeld, I tend to agree with @SlightlyMaddz. I won't judge until I see her as Katniss.

What do you think of Jennifer playing Katniss? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter.